I am a self-taught artist starting work with clay at the end of 2001 as what I thought would be a hobby. The possibilities to create objects from start to finish from nothing but a lump of earth was intoxicating and clay, has since, captured my heart and soul and become my main aspiration in life.

Early on I gained knowledge of how to overcome problems I was having with my wheel work by reviewing videos of experienced potters that offered close up views of hand positions and angles. Later I found pottery videos and other artist’s work useful in opening my mind to the endless possibilities of ways to create in clay. Prior to this I thought the only way to create in clay was throwing pieces on the wheel and was astounded by the broad range of possibilities.

I draw my inspiration from the soul. My mood and feelings at any moment will bring up lines, designs and function in my mind so that I regularly stop and sketch out quick renderings of for later review. I also draw a lot of inspiration from nature and the perfect imperfections that live within it.

I feel my work is different in form and design from other artist’s work, as I create my own stamps for impressions and rarely duplicate work. I do use handmade templates in my work for some forms and some of these templates are much like my sketches, as in, I may feel compelled to create a shape but may not put it to use for some time after.

At this point in my journey I work with both wheel and slab forms and sometimes incorporate the two to create a whole form. I create birdhouses in this fashion for a whimsical and unique look. The quilts my grandmother used to make gave me the inspiration to create my latest technique which I call patchwork. I have applied this technique to both plates and bowls and have recently started branching out to other ways of utilizing that process. Patchwork is created by layering clay in different shapes and sizes so they create a patchwork look to the piece.

Works held in Private Collections in the United States, Sweden and Arezzo, Italy.

Published in Stages Mississippi Magazine, May/June 2015 issue, Top Ten Artist picks, page 18
Article, Prentiss Headlight, April 12, 2015, page 12
Demonstrations for children and adults at Simpson County libraries.
Member of The Louisiana Crafts Guild since 2015

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