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Clay of many faces…

By 10/22/2019Uncategorized

One thing about working in clay is its ever changing. Even though I continue to work with my first love, stoneware, what I create has evolved over the years and is pleasing to the soul! I have created using several different looking stonewares to include whites, buffs, black and chocolate plus a speckled buff. All were pleasing in their own right and though the black and chocolate were one of my favorites since they easily satisfied my craving for contrast it was just too too messy for me. I still year to work with it and use it for my slip trailing designs at this time and always determine at least once a month that ‘I WILL endeavor to create work completely with it once again!’ I have yet to take the plunge. I have worked with my speckled buff for many years now and I really love it for feel and for looks. The specks and off white color lend themselves nicely to the rustic and eclectic look of my style. Sigh~

So what does this have to do with faces you ask??? Well not much really but it does tell you about what I create WITH and from there comes where I go with my work. I started out creating only functional wares and I really enjoy doing that. As my skills improved though and I started sketching designs and ideas my hunger to do more grew. It took awhile for my confidence to grow as much as my hunger to create but when it did it opened up a whole new world for me!

I am now fully exploring the world of faces and with every creation I work at better expressions and understanding how to create those expressions and let me tell you! I’m having a BLAST! With each new advancement in my skill and work my joy with my work seems to get greater and it truly is divine.

In conclusion I wish to encourage you all to follow your dreams and your passion! Life is fleeting and as I like to say… Art is a snapshot of our journey in life~… You don’t have to make art if you aren’t so inclined but every momentous point in our lives are still a snapshot of our journey, make sure you have fantastic snapshots!

Peace love and, have an outstanding life, peppermint dreams~


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